Best Tennis Racquet Reviews 2016

Tennis rackets can make or break your game. Racquets are an essential part of your playstyle and wether you like controlling the rally from the baseline or play at the net, there’s a racquet for you out there.

But choosing from a plethora of choices is a difficult task. Some racquets will allow you to hit that screaming flat forehand down the line while others will allow you to angle them away from your opponent.

It is important to understand the features of each racquet and how they’ll affect your game. The string tension also plays an important role in determining how well the racket will perform. We’ve scoured the internet and shopping sites to compile a list of best racquets and what you should look for.

Best Tennis Racquet Brands

1. Wilson Racquets

Wilson has been synonymous with great tennis rackets. With players such as Roger Federer using Wilson rackets since the start of their careers, there is no dearth of praises for their rackets. Wilson also manufactures tennis balls and is the official ball provider for US Open and Australian Open grand slams. Their most popular racket series are the RF series (used by federer), BLX series and the Pro Staff Original.

2. Babolat Racquets

Babolat is a French company for tennis, squash, and badminton equipment company. They are best known for its strings and tennis racquets which are used by several top players, including Rafael Nadal. Babolat offers some of the best racquets with great accuracy and control. The Pure Drive has FSI (Frame String Interaction) Technology made it, even more, power, with a drill pattern to make spacing of string denser. This racquet plays with more comfort and gives control to tame the new power.


Product Name

Head Size (sq inches)

Length (inches)



Babolat Aerodrive GT




Wilson Pro Staff RF97




Babolat Pure Aero




Wilson Hyper Hammer




Babolat  AeroPro Drive




Head Liquid Metal 8 




Wilson Pro Staff 97




Weed EXT 135 Tour




Wilson Tour Slam




Head Ti.S6




3.Head Tennis Racquets

Founded by Howard Head in 1950, Head Sports started its tennis division in 1960s. The victory of Arthur Ashe at Wimbledon 1975 over the favourite, Jimmy Connors, propelled Head into the limelight. Since then Head racquets have been used by numerous stars including the current No.1 Andy Murray.

4. Prince Tennis Racquets

Founded in 1970, Prince racquets have been used by players such as Andre Agassi and David Ferrer. Authentic Brands Group acquired Prince in July 2012 and has since then released number of new racquet models for players of every skill. The prince racquets offer great control and equally good power at a great price point.

5. Dunlop Racquets

The most number of tennis grand slams have been won with Dunlop rackets. This stat alone should entice you to buy one of their racquets. One of the oldest manufacturer of tennis racquets, Dunlop was formed in 1910 in England. Over more than a century, dunlop racquets have been revered by players such as John McEnroe, Patrick Rafter and Martina Navratilova to name a few.

5 Best Tennis Racquets

1. Babolat Aerodrive GT (Rafael Nadal)

Babolat AeroPro Drive is the best selling racquet in the AeroPro series. Personally used by Rafael Nadal in the famous 2014 French Open win, the AeroPro Drive offers incredible control with great amount of power. It is one of the only racquets available in the market that allows the player to play at the net as well as control the game from the baseline. A refined Cortex Dampening Interface allows for an even better feel. The use of GT Technology provides extra stability at ball impact. If you’re serious about your game and need a racquet to take you up another level, the AeroPro Drive GT should be your go to racquet.​

2. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph was the outcome of the work put in by the Wilson designers and Roger Federer himself. The racquet offers improved control as well as power over its predecessor. The ideal swingweight of 335 and strung weight of 12.6 ounces make it perfect for any player that wants to dominate the rally from the baseline.

The spin on the racquet is deadly but deft enough to hit those corners on your winners thanks to the 16 x 19 string pattern. A racquet so close to Federer will definitely resonate with every player and allow them to perform better on the court.

3. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Pure Aero combines the power of Aeropro Drive with the control of Aero Lite. Coming from the long series of Aero racquets by Babolat, Pure Aero has the fastest frames around thanks to its AeroModular2 technology for wing shaft design. The Cortex system has been updated with the introduction of AeroModular2 now putting the Cortex inside the frame. This update still maintains its playing characteristics which dampens bad vibrations while allowing the player to have maximum ball feel. A strong swingweight allows for forehands and backhands from the baseline with unprecedented power.

4. Wilson Hyper Hammer

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is the latest addition to the Hyper Hammer series. Since its introduction in 1990, the Hammer Technology has produced wonderful racquets that have revolutionised the racquet design. The latest update reduced the overall while maintaining mass at the top of the hoop to greater control. This is one of the best selling Hyper Carbon models. The Hammer 5.3 Stretch racquet offers a nice combination of tempered power with control-oriented features.​

5. Babolat 2016 AeroPro/Drive - Pure Aero

The Pure Aero is the latest edition in Babolat’s most popular Aero Drive series. Pure Aero improves upon its predecessors and provides more power and spin with the great comfort and control that is synonymous with the AeroPro name. This racquet has a higher swingweight but the aerodynamic frame cancels out the weight giving you a smooth swing.

Other Notable Mentions

6. Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet

7. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racquet

8. Weed EXT 135 Tour Tennis Racquet

9. Wilson Tour Slam

10. Head Ti.S6

Different Sizes For Tennis Racquets

1. Super oversized racquets: They are known for their large head sizes with the capacity to deliver more power.

2. Mid-plus tennis racquet: They are known as mid over tennis racquets. The heads are midsize at close to 100 inches and are characterized by large sweet sports. These are mostly the beginner racquets.

3. Midsize head racquets: They have few soft spots with heads ranging close to 90 inches. They are usually ideal for those who have learned the sport.


As you can see on the numerous products one may need to skim through, the choice of the best tennis racquet in the market is momentous. Knowing where and who is going to use it may help while the right information through relevant reviews is the ultimate icebreaker as well.